Danse Macabre Loose T-shirt - pre-order

from Blood and Dust


“Danse macabre” refers to a common allegory of the Late Middle Ages—a memento mori, reminding us that life is a gift, but it is not ours to keep forever.

Front and back printed in grey on black Alternative Apparel T-shirts made with organic cotton and recycled polyester in WRAP-certified factories adhering to the Fair Labor Association guidelines.

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Blood and Dust Montreal, Québec

Blood and Dust is a collaboration of two dark queerdos inspired by horror cinema and occult myth. Part horror drone, part spookfolk, part post-rock, they blend synth and cello into nightmarish auditory rituals. It is the music you hear while wandering a cursed manor at night, calling you to the basement where dreadful things happen. Bring your salt, and stay safe while communing with the dead. ... more

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