The Void, Transmuted VHS tape cover

from Blood and Dust

If there’s any art form I feel can most fully encompass the experience of living, it might be film. Images and sound and movement and time, the architecture of a life, the possibility of turning shadows and light into metaphors only decipherable by the soul.

From there came the idea of turning the portraits taken for “The Void, Transmuted,” into a VHS tape cover; it’s a story of me, of many facets, aging and weathered but withstanding, prepared to keep meaning and identity despite ever-changing circumstances.

Full-size hand-weathered VHS tape cover.

These will be shipped flat but will take back their shape easily, no VHS tape included, but feel free to use it to store your favorite one in there.

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Blood and Dust Montreal, Québec

Blood and Dust is a collaboration of two dark queerdos inspired by horror cinema and occult myth. Part horror drone, part spookfolk, part post-rock, they blend synth and cello into nightmarish auditory rituals. It is the music you hear while wandering a cursed manor at night, calling you to the basement where dreadful things happen. Bring your salt, and stay safe while communing with the dead. ... more

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